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Hear what our volunteers and supporters have to say about their experiences with Missions Ministries.  Read how building homes in Mexico or building RTW homes in parking lots around the US has changed their lives:



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Check out our new SAS program at MM: Click here

The SAS program at MM links sponsors to children in the colonias of Mexico to assist in education sponsorship. Students in the colonias of Mexico need faithful supporters to come alongside them to sponsor their education for the school year. Without a sponsor, these children will not be able to attend school and receive an education. There is a great need and we are responding. Come join us!

School sponsorship covers the enrollment fee, uniforms, school supplies, and library support for each child for one year. Once you sponsor a child you are guaranteed sponsorship of that student each year as long as you wish to remain the sponsor.

As a child sponsor, you will be transforming the life of a child by giving them the opportunity to pursue and realize their dreams. Sponsorship is a one-to-one relationship between you and a special child that will change their future and will change your life as well.

So visit the website today and search for a child by age range or gender to sponsor. We need you to help us!

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Welcome to MM’s new blog.  We think this will be a great opportunity for team members to write a little about their experiences and share about their trips and builds.  It will encourage others and build a community of MM supporters who love this ministry and the Mexican people we serve.  As we move forward in 2010 with builds in Mexico and as we build and send with our “Raise The Walls” program in parking lots and ship them to Mexico, we trust you will continue to pray for this ministry and remember our friends in MX who need us so badly.  Thank you for visiting. Please check back often.

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If you get a chance, check out our short videos under the PHOTOS/VIDEO tab.


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